Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Greetings to all Monsoon Audio multimedia speaker system lovers out there. This blog will be a collection point for information and assistance with the Monsoon audio system speakers.


This site is in no way associated with Monsoon Audio which is owned by Delphi systems, a subsidiary of General Motors, and I will not be discussing the Monsoon Car Audio systems.

This site is a purely not-for-profit endeavor, and I neither make, nor intend to make any money through this site.

This site is specifically and soley set up to discuss and exchange information on the now defunct Monsoon Audio, also known as Level 9 sound systems, multimedia computer speaker systems.

Ok, that should cover the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Since this is the first post, there won't be much meat in it. I hope to have more information forthcoming in the near future. I will be pulling information from all over the web and from anyone who wishes to contribute. Feel free to leave your comments and information in the comments section below.


Mike M. said...

I'd been meaning to set up a site like this myself (possibly with a Wiki) but you beat me to it.

It's nice to see that people are still interested in the Monsoon Multimedia speakers after all this time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I miss my PM 9s so much. :( How could this company go bankrupt? Or did they get bought out by all the inferior speaker manufacturers who charge more for less product? Is this like when radio companies bought out all the patents for TV and killed it off for a couple of decades?

I never heard any other multimedia speakers that begin to approach my PM9s for sound clarity, not to mention bang for the buck.

travis said...

I have a set of MM700 panels hooked up to a Decware Zen tube amplifier and a NHT Sub-One subwoofer/crossover (feeds everything below 200hz to the sub, above to the panels). Sounds great for an office system.

Oh, I could host a phpBB if people are interested enough...

The Weary Man said...


With any luck we will need that phbb board. For now I'm going to be spending time putting together information from around the web on the monsoon speakers, and I hope to be able to piece together more information on what exactly happened to Monsoon.

Things are a bit crazy in my life right now (I'm moving to a new house soon), and this probably wasn't the best time to start this particular blog, but nevertheless I will try to make time in my busy schedule to keep posting.

Mike M. said...

To 'anonymous' - the high "bang for the buck" was part of the problem. The Monsoon speakers were expensive to manufacture, but the target market for computer peripherals is very price-sensitive. There was no conspiracy to buy out and kill off the technology.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Monsoon licensed their speaker technology from Eminent Technology, which is still producing high end speaker systems:

Unfortunately they don't seem to be selling anything in the sub $1000 price category...

Oh, and I found this forum about planar speakers in general, which might be of interest; there are some old discussions about monsoon speakers:

Anonymous said...

Sonigistix was the company that started making Monsoon-branded equipment, both for the PC market and for automotive systems. The technology was licensed from Eminent Technologies, as another poster stated. The PC side was sold to a far east company called Eastech, which rebranded the Monsoon products under a subsidiary company called Level 9. The Monsoon automotive products division is now owned by Delphi Corporation, formally a subsidiary of General Motors. Monsoon-branded auto systems still exist in various GM models, whereas Eastech apparently has given up on planar magnetic speaker technology. Few speaker companies use planar magnetic tech these days. Don't know if it's the licensing fees, or whether it's something else, but aside from Eminent and a couple of others in the public address-market and high-end hi-fi market, there's currently no one to fill the void left by Level 9's demise.

Mike M. said...

Sonigistix did not manufacture the automotive Monsoon systems - that was always Delphi. Sonigistix licensed the existing brand for their multimedia products.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have just pulled apart the controller/puck thingo for the MM 2000 setup. The pin/outs wire colurs are as follows in the mini-din plugs

Front phono
Right - white
Gnd - black
Left - red

Cable to sub-woof
Gnd - Dark Grey
Sub - black
R.Left - white
R.Right - green
F.Left - yellow
F.Right - blue
-15V - orange
Mute - brown
+15V - red

Rear phono
Right - white
Gnd - black
Left - red

Hope this helps someone out there in Monsoon land, keep up the good work and thanks

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry guys - I just re-read and realised that what I said yesterday may have been a little ambiguous. When I spoke of pin-outs, I meant the pins actually on the circuit board in the puck not the din plug into the speaker. Thus, the colour -vs- purpose is evident in my post but I have not put a meter across the pins to say which pin (into the sub-woof) matches a particular function. I'm happy to do so if someone requires this info. I shall periodically monitor this thread and respond when asked.

Anonymous said...

i have a monsoon set of computer speakers.its a planarmedia 14 series. my dog eat through the control center and i can not use them anymore. is there anybody that knows how i can get a new control center.

travis said...
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travis said...

You could use the speakers with a different subwoofer/amplifier setup. The monsoon panels should be crossed over pretty high (i.e., they don't handle low freqs well - someone here probably knows the actual level); but I'm sure they'd work with pretty much any computer subwoofer system (Cambridge, Klipsch, etc.).

I'm using mine with a home-audio subwoofer/crossover and standalone amplifier. Works great.

Anonymous said...

The crossover should be 200hz. That was the factory spec for the Planar Media speakers at least. Can you give some more advice on how to set these up with a different subwoofer, Travis? I don't know how to begin setting it up; like, what kind of amplifier you need, and if that controls the crossover, and what kind of woofers one can buy that are even capable of pushing that 50-200hz range accurately, or whatever. Thanks man!

travis said...

You can just use a different brand sat-sub system and substitute your Monsoon panels for that system's sat speakers. So you are using that system's volume control, subwoofer, and built-in crossover/amplifier. You monsoon panels receive an amplified signal that has been crossed-over by the internal crossover in the subwoofer-amplifier module. As long as you are using a system that incorporates a crossover to remove the low freqs, it should work just fine.

Basically all these computer sat/sub systems function about the same - there's a subwoofer unit that incorporates a crossover, amplifiers (for the sats and the sub), and a remote volume control. The amplifier doesn't care if you plug in a set of "normal" sats or a set of monsoon planars. I'd wager that even with a fixed crossover system, it will sound just perfect, but if you want to be picky you can try to find a system that uses a similar crossover point as the original monsoon unit, or has a variable one that you can set yourself.

In the same way that you can use magnepans with any amplifier, you can use monsoon panels with any amplifier - the only difference is that (I believe) the monsoon panels do not incorporate a built in crossover; so you'll need to use a amplifier system that has a crossover so that you aren't sending a full-freq signal to the monsoons...

travis said...

Oh one additional thing - if you are looking for a sat-sub system to use, you'll need to find one that uses a stand alone volume control, not one that has the volume controls incorporated into one of the sat speakers (since you are obviously ditching those in favor of your monsoon panels).

You want a system that has a standard set of speaker wire terminal for the satellite speakers. I'm fairly certain that the Cambridge Soundworks multimedia speaker line, for example, functions this way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the replies, man.

Hmmm.. Well, but most multimedia systems have a crossover of like 60hz or 100hz max, I believe. The planar speakers won't produce much/any sound below 200hz, so you end up with at least 100hz in your lower register that is just GONE, and that is going to sound weird.

The Planar Media speakers were set up with an active crossover @ 200hz. These systems were kickass, it is so sad the company went bankrupt. :(

Well anyway, I did try plugging my PM 9s into an old Cambridge Soundworks woofer, but it sounded like ass. It could be just because the woofer was crap, but I think it was the crossover, and the fact that many subwoofers like that are just designed to produce a boom and not for accurate sound reproduction.

Seth said...

Anyone have the specs on the AC adapter for the MM-1000? I believe it may be 15VDC 2A (tip positive)?
This unit can be used without the remote volume puck, correct?

If you want the Monsoon sound in your home speakers, VMPS bought up huge numbers of the panels, modifies them and uses them in nearly all their models:

Anonymous said...

man, i'm really amazed that the PM 9's have such a following :p ...i've got the same prob as everyone else seems to have, the puck connector is broken toast..i just saw one posted on ebay for 46 bucks!!! plus shipping!! surely, there's a solution somewhere to get these beauties up and running again...

mike said...

I have taken the 7 pin plug apart on the puck controller for the Planer 9 system. Can anyone tell me the wiring diagram so I can resolder the wires to the plug?


Alistair said...

Hey, I posted some pictures of it in the comments on the other thread. Hope those help a little.

Anonymous said...

Controller is shot and in the trash. Subwoofer is headed there. What do I need to continue using the PM 9s? A high powered receiver or just a inexpensive low watt receiver. Don't know much about this stuff and don't want to spend a bunch. Also don't want to trash the speakers.

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Chris Thompson said...

Okay it's Feb 2016 and no one probably looks at this anymore but I hope the Weary man checks it now and then. First of all about 10 years ago I picked up this 5 speaker (including sub) at a garage sale for $5.00 Cdn. The guy said they weren't working and had no idea what was wrong.I asked if he was sure about the price as the flat panels were at least usable. Anyway I took them home and opened the box to find blown fuses. I looked for the cause and found two exploded disk capacitors in relation to the fuses. I went to the local landfill in the steel pile and found a smashed-up crt tv that was broken open and found 4 blue 222k capacitors, snapped off that part of the board took it home. So I installed the parts paying attention to their polarity, tested the system and it worked. I shoved them away and finally took them to a friend's 12x14ft cedar (hunt cabin). Movies, Music, games, couldn't get over the sound. While gaming I got the creepy chills as the WWII enemy stalked from behind.
I did have problems with the din connection (temp fix distort the rim on the male connector). So back at home I replaced the connector with a good quality Mac keyboard cable and got some extra length out of the deal including two audio extender cables for computers. Figuring every thing was okay, put them away 'till now. So I set them up on (win 7 JUNK not even a multi channel equalizer)an audigy2 card, and found 1 rear not working, the other low volume. Tried everything with the computer and figured there was a problem with my wiring job. Back to the internet and Weary Man's diagram. Took half the day (I'm old) to solder everything up and...nothing. power to the puck, no smoke at least. So I must have mistaken the front of the plug from the puck for the front of the female on the sub on his pin out diagram. I'm pretty sure the color code inside the sub will not match the colors of the puck cable but I'll open it to see if there's any damage caused by me as soon as I get the time to go back to it. Okay here's a question. What model has 4 panels with sub being W14xD10xH10 inches including feet, 3x 7in. speakers and Monsoon logo on top. Black & grey? Hope someone reads this. Chris

Paul said...

I have the Planar Media 14 system in perfect condition but I've lost the controler, does anyone know where I could buy one or is there something else I could use as a substitute?
Thanks fo any help!

Judy Anderson said...

PAUL: IF you read this please contact me to talk about Monsoon systems..... I really need help I have Mm2000
Thank you SO much!!
Judy. Or 562-506-7550 and please leave message if asked to do so